Thoughtful conversations about everything from crops to communism have harvested a nice following for this Mendon TikToker.

CropQueenMarcia currently has 12.6 thousand followers and nearly 100 thousand total video likes on TikTok.  So, what's up with her username?  The "Queen" part of Marcia's username maybe be a clever nod to her past participating in pageants.  Also, Marcia is an Agronomist.  I planted the definition of an Agronomist from below,

The science of soil management and the production of field crops.

The self-proclaimed Crop Queen covers everything from her adoption, dating apps, pageants, and of course, agriculture.

Marcia's most viewed video shows pictures of her as a tiny baby in an orphanage in China followed by the moment her American parents adopted her.  This video has been viewed 260 thousand times.

Her second most viewed video talks about her history of wearing masks years before the pandemic.  This video has been viewed 216.6 thousand times.

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This video takes a much more serious tone as Marcia addresses a TikTok about communism.

My favorite video on her profile is one she just uploaded 2 days ago about the time she accidentally glued herself to a toilet.  Hilarious.

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