A young Kalamazoo teen has turned his love of baseball into a popular TikTok channel.

Matiss Tyree (@dingers.com0yaa on TikTok) has recently carved out his own baseball community on TikTok.  He has 26.9 thousand followers with over half a million total video likes.  One of his videos has passed the one million views milestone.  As baseball players all over Southwest Michigan get geared up for Spring Training, there's no doubt these videos will start growing even more.

Tyree seems too young to deal with credit card debt.  However, he does reference his baseball bat shopping problem in a few of his videos.  His most popular videos are his reviews of baseball gear.  Nothing fancy.  Just straightforward videos like the one below that have been viewed 524.6 thousand times.

Another one of dingers.com0yaa's most viewed videos show him hitting a baseball over 350 feet.  This video has been viewed nearly 201 thousand times.

Ever wonder what the best sunglasses are for baseball?  Lots of people are wondering that apparently.  This video has been viewed 164 thousand times.

Last April Tyree did an unboxing video of his new pitcher's mound.  That video has been viewed just over 77 thousand times.

See more of Matiss Tyree's baseball videos on TikTok by clicking here.

Matiss isn't the only baseball TikTok featuring on #TikTokTuesday.  We featured the Kalamazoo Growlers last Summer.  Check out their profile by clicking here.

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