Lindsey's very relatable videos about being a parent of a child with autism have gained her quite a following on TikTok.

Lindsey is a Mattawan resident that works as an administrative assistant and social marketer when she's not posting videos on TikTok as @lindsey_the_okayest_mom.  Lindsey currently has 18.6 thousand followers and 96.2 thousand total video likes.  To put that in perspective, the Village of Mattawan had an estimated population of just over 2,300 residents in 2019.  That's the equivalent of every 8 Mattawans following her TikTok.

This Mattawan mother has always shared stories about raising her autistic son on Facebook.  This year, Lindsey decided to start sharing her story on TikTok to help other mom's in similar situations,

I’ve discovered over the years that most parents who have a child with a disability are completely alone, or feel completely alone. So many parents have commented on my videos, saying that they had no clue other moms felt the same, or went through the same things.

Let's start with one of my personal favorite videos from Lindsey's account, "Things not to say to an Autism Parent Part 2."

That's hilarious.  Her third-grader really thought he got away with something there.

In this video, Lindsey talks about how being nice to kids with disabilities is great, but friendship is even better.

Speaking of relatable...

I asked Lindsey who her favorite creators are on TikTok and this is what she had to say,

Fav creator is still such a tough one! I’d say @Kerri_okie because her relationship with her mom is so damn funny. And then @kaycstroh, she was Martha in High School Musical and she consistently puts out dance videos that are fire. She’s so sweet and I just adore her, and her dancing.

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