There really isn’t much doubt for me when it comes to the problems in the newsrooms of ABC and NBC that something needs to be done and now.

Lyin’ Brian Williams is a complete embarrassment for the once proud NBC news machine. His exploits with the truth would leave you believing he is almost a super hero, when he in fact is a rather uninteresting schlub who lives vicariously through the actual experiences of real men and women. Williams' pile of fabricated news and adventure stories would make for a terrific Marvel comic strip and he’d make a great addition to the next Avengers movie, but he is a lousy person to have in a newsroom. Fire him now.

George Stephanopoulos is a different kind of ethics violator. Curious George the news monkey was actually on a guy working for the Democrats and more specifically the former first family of filth, the Clintons. The news monkey has been running his news grinder for years trying to prove he should be taken seriously in the news circus. Then the oh so predictable organ grinder massacre, when we learn the news monkey has been sending his banana money to the Ring leaders Bill and Hillary for years. Sorry George, I’m not curious a bit about anything you think or report on, ever again. Fire him now.

It is time to clean up the newsroom and it should start with firing the two most obnoxious clowns around. Goodbye Brian, goodbye George.