After 80 years, Tot To Teen Village in Portage finally closed its doors last September. Although they mainly specialized in children's clothes, the store was also a great place to buy children's furniture and toys as well. Up until now, the store remained vacated and unused. That is until the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati decided it would take ownership of the Tot To Teen sign and display it as part of their growing collection.

As said by their Facebook post:

Our commitment to preserving signage takes us all over the country. We meet hardworking business owners, both big and small, who donate pieces to our collection. It goes without saying there's often a strong emotional connection to these signs and seeing them go can be bittersweet.

Such is the case with the unique signage atop the Michigan-based Tot to Teen Village. This beloved shop will be closing after 80 years of business. Although they specialized in children's clothes, they featured furniture and toys as well. They were especially well known for their interior decor complete with an indoor slide and decorative trees.

Even though this local shop is closing down we'll be preserving their signage and sharing its story for years to

come. Keep an eye out for these new additions to our growing collection of Americana!


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