What may seem boring to some is timeless to others. The heart-shaped box of chocolates is the most popular Valentine's Day candy in Michigan and across the country.

CandyStore.com says Americans will spend $2.4 Billion expressing their love with sweets to their sweet this Valentine's season- up $600 Million from last year. Valentine’s Day spending overall is expected to smash last year’s record by 32%. So, what are people buying?

Conversation hearts had been rising in popularity for years, and had finally overtaken those omnipresent heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, but that all changed last year when conversation hearts were absent from the market. The old stand-by again took the top spot. M&M's are trending upward nationally, while Cupid Corn is fading out...except in Michigan.

Michigan's Top Valentine's Day Candy

  1. Heart-shaped Box of Chocolate
  2. Cupid Corn
  3. Conversation Hearts
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