It seems commute times are getting higher and higher as traffic volumes increase. Take a look at the numbers and see how much of your drive time is wasted.

Facts don't lie. Texas A&M Transportation Institute's Urban Mobility Report shows that, overall, congestion is getting worse in the United States and drivers are spending more time than ever stuck in traffic.

The average auto commuter spends 54 hours in congestion and wastes 21 gallons of fuel due to congestion at a cost of $1,010 in wasted time and fuel.

In Kalamazoo, the numbers are significantly lower than the national average with drivers wasting 17 precious hours per year, costing a hard-earned $349.That's like adding two 8 1/2 hour workdays to the week just to account for travel time and making an extra car payment every year.

There is some good news in the Kalamazoo congestion data. The 17 hour figure has been consistent for the last 2 years, despite rising in many places nationally and as close as Grand Rapids, where drivers were parked on the asphalt for 41 hours annually, costing an average of $654 in wasted fuel and time.

Widening I-94 to 6-lanes should help ease congestion (in theory). If you want one more positive way to look at it, think of this: your time in the car is never wasted when you get to hear your favorite music on the radio. Thanks for listening!

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