Mental health is something that we as a society are becoming more and more aware of. Many people feel that if we had focused on it earlier, we may have been able to prevent people hurting themselves and others. We live in a strange world now where we see things happening that we wish would not have happened, that usually circles back to a persons mental health. At the same time we also live in a society where bullying has never been adding all time high as it is right now, thanks to the Internet.

Apart from the stressors, there is the anxiety of every day life. It’s a struggle and we can never know just exactly what is going on in somebody else’s life. Sometimes life can become so stressful that we just hit a brick wall and can no longer keep that solid front up any longer. A Traverse City woman Katie Anderson is an incredibly brave woman who took to social media this morning, as she herself had hit one of these walls in public. But rather than being shamed, a Culver’s employee came up and did something truly special for her. In the video she talks about how she had just hit her breaking point while eating dinner. She began openly crying while other people in the restaurant ate, when this happened:

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@katie.anderson2005 A random act of kindness gave me hope #culvers #culversrestaurants #fyp #randomactsofkindness #traversecity #tcmi #mentalhealthtiktoks ♬ original sound - Katie Anderson


It takes very little to ask somebody if they are okay when you see them in a bad spot. That small token of kindness may just save somebody’s life. A lot of people find it easier to turn their cheek, while still feeling sympathy. But standing up and helping someone and doing one small act of kindness like this can clearly make a huge difference. I hope whatever Katie is going through she can overcome. She’s already overcome great challenges in her life and her story is far from done. Just know if you see this, and you’re struggling, you TRULY aren’t alone.

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