In the end, a politician is still a politician. And party politics still resembles the Mafia.

"Toe the line, or pay the price".

Similarities to the Godfather saga not withstanding (right down to names of the players in this particular drama), this whole Justin Amash kerfuffle is both eye opening, and sad.

Here you have what amounts to a "poster child" for everything that Tea Party Republicans could have ever hoped for, a legislator who has virtually a spotless voting record in the eyes of the far Right. But when he dared to go against the family, well, the party, all hell breaks loose. Amash several weeks ago tweeted that he had indeed read the Mueller Report, (and said he was pretty sure, not many others had, though that has never stopped anyone from offering an expert opinion) and in his opinion, he thought there was enough there to look at impeachment. And again, remember impeachment is like charging somebody. It isn't convicting and removing from office anyone.

Since then, everyone from the President on down has come down on him. In the past few days, the President's son and he have gotten into a pissing match on social media. And every pundit says he'll lose by twenty points. Maybe he will. Maybe he won't. It'll be interesting to see the yard stick that will be used on the candidate installed to unseat Amash. I don't think you're going to find anyone more Right. But as long that candidate pays the proper respect to the Don, who cares.

And this kids, is where we are in the bright new millennium. Just when you thought things couldn't get any more depressing.



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