Wow, what big wins for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire.

According to CBS News the results in the New Hampshire primary are as follows:

Bernie Sanders   60%  138,716

Hillary Clinton      38%     88,827

Martin O'Malley    0%             576

Donald Trump      35%  92,417

John Kasich         16%  41,813

Ted Cruz              12%  30,416

Jeb Bush              11%  29,186

Marco Rubio        11%  27,774

Chris Christie         8%   19,811

Carly Fiorina          4%   10,969

Ben Carson            2%     5,968

Rand Paul               1%   1,711

Mike Huckabee      0%    1980

Let's put aside that some Democrat and Republican voters still thought that Martin O'Malley, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee were still in the race, see what I mean about uninformed voters.

Do you believe the, as Donald Trump would say, HUGE victories are a sign to the establishment parties on both side of the aisle?

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