Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has gone off the reservation in what is being described as ‘going nuclear’ in the race to be nominated for President.

Beginning during the Republican debate on Saturday night Trump attacked Jeb Bush and his brother George W. Bush’s tenure as President. Trump began by saying the CIA and President Bush knew about 9-11 prior to it happening. Trump also said George W. Bush lied about invading Iraq and knew there were no weapons of mass destruction.

For the first time I am going to say Trump may have taken his rhetoric too far. He has targeted the former President with comments more likely to be heard from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump may have successfully disemboweled the Republican Party and left it unable to unite and come together to fight this fall. The implications of his comments could be far reaching- underscored by the death of Antonin Scalia. The US Senate may able to hold the line and not confirm a Supreme Court justice but if the election is lost in November what difference does it make anyway.

Donald Trump needs to clean up his act and begin conducting himself like the successful businessman he is. The bombastic language, threats and insults need to be left out of the conversation going forward. If he does that he can win the White House. If not- he may need to run that third party candidacy.

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