With the selection and hiring by Donald Trump of Steve Bannon from the conservative fire brand Breitbart it makes me wonder how many of the neo-con #NeverTrump folks can hang on.

They know electing Hillary President will be a near certain end for the 2nd Amendment and that other Constitutional rights will also be surrendered at the alter of ‘we’re doing it for the children.’

Bannon’s elevation and the lateral move of Paul Manafort in the organization in favor of Kellyanne Conway as the new campaign manager should make quite obvious that Donald Trump is putting real conservatives with real bona fides in the drivers seat for the next 80 days.

We will certainly get an up close look come Friday when he walks to the podium in Dimondale, Michigan, a small Midwestern town on the banks of the Grand River that once rolled in General Motors money but has seen thousands of those jobs vanish into the distance along with tens of billions of dollars.

Dimondale is the kind of place Trump needs to connect to win in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio. It is the kind of town that has lots of people looking for better jobs and bigger opportunities. These are the kinds of communities that want a chance to pursue the American Dream they have always been told about.

This small suburb of Michigan’s Capital city is also a place where families go fishing, go to church on Sunday and still believe telling the truth and working hard are the best ways to get ahead in this world. It is a place squarely in the middle of places the elites barely know exist and often use as the butt of jokes because people here ‘cling to their guns and religion.’

They also vote. They vote regularly and they vote in big numbers and that is something somebody on the Trump team realized is pretty damned important. Go find the voters. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new office open in the area and a new team built to capitalize on those that want to believe in a better future for our country and a better country for their kids and grandkids.

On Friday we will find out if Trump can offer a vision that is clear to these working class, middle class families and can begin to build a winning coalition on the two things he must talk about to win; are you better off than you were 8 years ago and are you safer than you were 8 years ago. Channel that inner Reagan and the LA Times poll showing him behind by a single point will be a trend setter on the way to re-setting the race altogether.

Coming to Dimondale is the right move if Donald Trump can get it right.

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