I have been reporting about the increase of violence by people in the Democratic Party and sadly I have to inform you of not only more that has occurred but it is getting scary.

The Daily Caller is reporting on Republicans at Binghamton University in New York that must now travel around the University in what they refer to as “packs” for protection against mobs of Democrats attacking them.

The students have to take these precautions because last week they were surrounded by what was called an angry mob of 200 or more Democrats and the police had to escort them to safety from the Democrat mob.

When the police showed up the Democrats stated chanting:

No justice no peace no racist police

Apparently you do not have to be a person of character to be admitted into Binghamton University and/or be allowed to stay.  I feel sorry for the good ones who have a degree from the University and now will have to carry the shame of what is happening on their campus and the administration condoning it by not holding anyone accountable.

This mob of wild and violent democrats were making hostile chants, name-calling, and demanding Republicans “pack up” and leave.  It unfortunately did not end there because these democrat mobs now need more to satisfy there blood lust and it escalated to destroying merchandise, overturning the Republicans display table, and yelling in the Republican students’ faces.

Text messages obtained by The Daily Caller between the Democrat’s about the Republicans on campus said:

I heard there are only like 3 supporters there

Another from a liberal/Democrat group at Binghamton University called “The Culture” responded texting:

yeah there’s not that many but f@#% em up anyways.

They actually spelled out the "F" word but I decided not to in the above quote, no need to bring ourselves down to the Democrat level is there.

If you watch the video, be warned the the language is for adults only, you will hear the black Democrat’s calling the white Republican girls “white bitches”.

Lacey Kestecher, the president of the TPUSA chapter states:

I do not feel safe on this campus at all. I do not. My parents are concerned my parents want my location at all times right now, my brothers are beyond worried.  They don’t know what’s going to happen I don’t know what’s going to happen

The president of the Republican club, John Restuccia said:

These people are trying to invoke terror and fear — they’re bullies at the end of the day trying to kick us off campus because they don’t like the ideas we have to say...it has had the opposite effect.

What is even worse than these roving gangs of Democrat street thugs is the university has decided that they will not bring any disciplinary action against the thugs, nor will they investigate the matter.  Once again it is the liberal establishment holding no one on their "team" accountable and in fact enabling this behavior by sitting on their thumbs.

God help this country!

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