One of the things we like to do in America is eat, from eating contests to the now ever-growing business of food festivals. Food Festivals might be one of the best past times that America has come up with in the 20th century and they never disappoint. Many food fests have a "main" focal dish with supporters and others are just flat-out free for all food fests. As Americans continue to love food, this trend continues to grow, and the Midwest is doing it the right way.

The Midwest is no stranger to these food festivals, with most flying under the radar and being mostly local events, some big-name ones get some travelers to attend. The biggest one that comes to mind is the Taste Of Chicago festival that has been happening every year for 35 years in July at Grant Park in downtown Chicago, Illinois. There are also more localized ones like the Mac and Cheese Fest and the Ribfest that happen here in Kalamazoo, Michigan once a year.

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Grand Rapids has gotten there way into the food festival scene in the last few years and they seem to fit right in. This year will be the first annual Grand Rapids Foodie Fest and will be taking place Fourth of July weekend. Kicking off Friday with an early happy hour opening gates at 3 pm and running until 10 pm, while Saturday and Sunday they open at 11 am, and close at 10 pm and 4 pm respectively. There will be various food vendors along with local retail and small business merchant vendors available to purchase from.

You weren't looking to hear me babble on about this food fest, you were looking for information on what business and food vendors will be in attendance and available to purchase from. Sad news, the vendor's list has not been announced yet for either the food or retail vendors. There will be information coming soon about who will be present for Foodie Fest. Foodie Fest will take place in the Calder Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids.

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