Lori Truex, the Battle Creek mother who made headlines by panhandling for her daughter's tuition, tells 95.3 WBCK she does not plan to panhandle again.

The effort raised over $10,000 toward her daughter's tuition this fall at Michigan State University.

Truex said the effort was successful in raising funds, but she wishes the public relations aspect motivated lawmakers to reach out to her. She said no lawmakers, whom she feels could possibly learn from her experience and assist in Lansing, made contact with her.

Truex, a school bus driver, has two daughters and a $60,000 student loan from her older daughter's tuition she and her husband are paying off. Her second daughter, whose potential tuition bill was thousands more than financial aid estimates, will begin her first semester at MSU soon.

Click the player above to hear her discuss the response she received, as well as whether or not she will continue to push the issue in order to get lawmakers involved in the discussion.


BONUS VIDEO - Our First Meeting With Lori Truex When She Was Panhandling for Tuition on Beckley Road


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