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As is being reported by the Daily Caller U of M suspended a student for 4 years after they found him guilty of sexual assault.  The problem was he had no trial, no attorney, no jury and very little say in it.

Now the student is suing U of M.

U of M is saying that a female reported months after the incident a rape compliant against him, the young man said the sex was consensual.   He did not find out about it until 5 months later.

U of M officials told him that if he attempts to find an attorney the university would proceed without him in this manner.   As reported by The Detroit Free Press he attended a "hearing" via Skype in which he denied any wrong doing.

The female in question stopped the investigation in September she said to not have the details of their encounter made public.

Ultimately, U of M proceeded to adjudicate the matter and found him guilty of rape.

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