I chuckled when I heard that the United Auto Workers (UAW) union calls a lake house worth over a million dollars "cabin 4".  That "cabin" 4 is located at the UAW’s conference center on Black Lake in Onaway Michigan south of Cheboygan.

The “cabin” was built for former UAW President Dennis Williams.  He presently is not in need of the “cabin” because for the next 21 months he is residing in an all-expense paid housing called prison.  I do not believe he has lake views let alone lake access.

The cozy little “cabin” was put up for sale and was originally listed at $1.3 million.  The AP is now reporting that the cozy little “cabin” was recently sold for a cozy little $1.1 million.

We are informed that the “cabin” was "subject to forfeiture to the United States” due to the many legal violations by the UAW.  It is now being reported that the funds from the sale will go to the unions' general fund.  What happened to the funds being subject to “forfeiture”?  As expected with this administration it is reported that they gave up on forfeiture of the home, as Gomer Pyle used to say surprise, surprise, surprise.

A spokesman for the UAW, Brian Rothenberg must have been asked if the union covered the cost of building the "cabin" because he mentioned that he would check to see if the union covered the cost of building the “cabin”. 

The current President of the UAW Ray Curry communicated to their members:

“This sale rights a wrong from the past, and I want each and every one of you to know that we continue to implement ethics reforms throughout the organization,”

All current and former UAW members should be very concerned about what has transpired in their Union.  Did any of you get to stay in “cabin 4” when you were invited to your Black Lake Conference Center?

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