An 80 year old mandolin made in Kalamazoo has been reconditioned. Hear it for the first time.

Nowa Randall Crosby via YouTube

Randolin Music has found a Kalamazoo treasure in a 1936 mandolin.

The Vermont-based business, specializing in mandolins, ukuleles, cuatros and custom-made guitars, has uncovered a mandolin with an 80 year history with roots in Kalamazoo. This Kalamazoo KM-21 mandolin is basically a Gibson mandolin. These were slightly modified with a different neck added and "Kalamazoo" lettering  on the head of the instrument.

Watch and listen to hear the down-home sounds of an 80 year-old mandolin made in Kalamazoo.

Bonus Video: Chas Burtchett live in the Kalamazoo Country studio