This river seems to appear out of nowhere. It flows out of the ground, and a few feet later it completely disappears underground again, only to re-appear a few miles away.

The underground river is part of Presque Isle County's Little Ocqueoc River and flows out from the side of a hill. It’s located about ten miles east of Onaway off M-68. Hang a left on Silver Creek Trail (gravel road) and a mile down the trail is a place to park alongside the road.

Years ago, the entire river was underground, surrounded by limestone…but the underground roof of the river tunnel caved in, so now part of the river is clearly visible.

It still holds an air of mystery, and visitors, hikers, explorers, and tourists are welcome to challenge the rocks, brush, swampy area, mounds, and water to discover more. Some of land may be treacherous, with hidden sinkholes and caves…so be prepared before you scour the area.

Check out the pictures and accompanying video below!
Is it impressive?

Is it ever.



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