A pair of teenagers are in trouble for allegedly searching through the mailbox of the police chief. FOX 17 reports that 19-year-old Clayton Fisher and a 14-year-old friend of Union City were taken into custody on Wednesday. The two were apparently looking for drugs that someone told them was in a mailbox in the area.

After looking through the mailbox that was supposed to contain the drugs and not finding them, police say they ventured around the neighborhood and unknowingly stumbled onto the property of the Union City Police Chief Chris Mathis. Then they are said to have started snooping around his mailbox. An alert neighbor notified Mathis and the teens attempted to run away. Police caught up with the teens shortly later and they both admitted to what they had done.

The two are facing charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct. It is believed that the teens were tricked as no drugs were believed to be in any of the mailboxes around town.


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