A novel concept as gender neutral bathrooms are an option at Kalamazoo Public Library.

A recent visit to the downtown branch of Kalamazoo Public Library had me checking out more than books; the lower-level restroom sign now reads "Friendly for all Genders." KPL has re-written the book on bathroom etiquette.

This is not a single stall/ one user at a time restroom, there are 3 stalls and a urinal. That means a woman could walk in and, before she finished and walked out, a man might be taking care of his business. They could end up washing their hands side-by-side at the sink. For #1 or #2, there is only a single choice. Before any more bathroom humor or misunderstanding, I want to point out that  this designation is only for the lower level facilities. Restrooms on the main floor and upstairs are segregated by sex.

Would you use this library lavatory?

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