Confession time. When it comes to running I'm in the "definitely will get eaten by zombies during the apocalypse" category. So, I'm impressed by all marathon runners and athletes alike. Especially this woman.

Ziyah Holman, a freshman at the University of Michigan, just shattered records at her first track meet as a UMich athlete. Now look, when it comes to sports my interest level rests around "mild" but, watching this woman run BLEW ME AWAY.

Picture it: Your team is lagging by 4 seconds in the 4x400 relay. Do I know what any of that means? Absolutely not. But, I do know that, to an athlete, every second counts. The baton is passed off to the final teammate, Ziyah Holman, who proceeds to catch up to first place in less than 60 seconds. But, don't just take my word for it. Watch her lap to victory below.

I was out of breath watching her run the first quarter of that lap.

Her performance that day was far from just impressive. It was also record breaking. As reported by WJLA News Channel 7, Holman also

dominated in her first-ever 600-meter distance with a time of 1:29.27. She won that race by four seconds, setting the fifth-fastest time in the world, the fastest-ever debut by a Michigan woman, and the fastest time ever run in the state of Michigan

Her performance that day gained her national recognition from The New York Post, SportsCenter, and an onslaught of people online praising her victory. Even Alexis Ohanian, the husband of Serena Williams, reached out to congratulate her and to tell her that they'll be rooting for her at the Olympics.

With speed like that I have no doubt that we'll see Ziyah continue to dominate the track.

I would love to sum this up with some witty or professional paragraph but, truth be told, the main thought I'm having right now is GO GIRL!!

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