Do you as a white person need a segregated safe space in which to discuss your racism and privilege?

Well Campus Reform is reporting about Webster University in St. Louis that believes you do. The chief diversity officer, Vincent Flewellen, at Webster University wants to establish a new program based off a book, titled, “Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It."

I bet many of you white people did not know that you are racist and have experienced white privilege your entire life.  At least the students at Webster might have the ability to atone for their sins and learn how to deal with their racism and privilege.

The chief diversity officer at Webster told the University’s student newspaper:

White people would not be as forthcoming if they were in a mixed group…I have not had an opportunity to fully explore the possibility. Should we move to bring the program onto campus, it would not be before August of this year

If you have not had the opportunity to fully explore the possibility then why are you talking about it Vincent?

Did you know that the YWCA is into this brainwashing?  Apparently the local Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) began the "Witnessing Whiteness" program, which requires participants to be white.  In fact according to Mary Ferguson, the YWCA chapter’s Racial Justice Director, there are currently 16 “Witnessing Whiteness” groups that meet regularly and they tell us that approximately a dozen more that could begin meeting this year.

I had no idea that the YWCA has moved into the social justice arena.  It appears that the cancer is spreading.  Ms. Ferguson told the student newspaper:

It was important to us that we had a group where people of color wouldn’t be on the spot, wouldn’t be asked to teach, wouldn’t be asked to listen to white people as they struggle to understand racism…White people would not be as forthcoming if they were in a mixed group

Thanks for letting this white person know that Mary.

They even have a document created by AWARE-LA explaining to us why white and non-white people should be segregated to create this “white space”.  Watch some one or some group will sue these places for having a white-only class.

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