The people who started the Unlock Michigan Group and the tens of thousands of people who worked very hard to collect over half a million signatures legally have been under attack by Whitmer, her sycophants (Including Attorney General Dana Nessel), and her thugs. The thugs I refer to are those who were verbally assaulting some of the people running the signing events as well as those who chose to sign the petition, they even went so far as to steal their clipboards and sign-in sheets.

Interesting how the media was not fully reporting on those events.  People running those signing events called my show to inform us of people doing exactly what I just reported on.

They have now responded and responded in a big way exposing Whitmer her sycophants and her thugs to their evil ways.

Unlock Michigan releases the following statement given to me by Ron Armstrong Co-Chair, Unlock Michigan“

One for the Record Books: 539,384 Signatures in 80 Days

“These petitions are not an item in a state government ‘suggestion box.’ They are the legitimate demand, pursuant to our state constitution, for a specific purpose: the repeal of the 1945 law that allows a Governor to rule by decree. Our petition must be processed immediately for a prompt vote of THIS Legislature THIS year.”

-- Ron Armstrong, Co-Chair, Unlock Michigan

Unlock Michigan will today submit 539,384 signatures to the Michigan Bureau of Elections to qualify our initiated law for prompt consideration by the Michigan Legislature.

Here are the Top 10 facts to keep in mind about this historic accomplishment:

"10. Despite an active “Decline to Sign” campaign (ineptly) run by our opposition, we had no trouble collecting the requisite number of signatures -- plus a cushion of nearly 200,000 additional signatures - with 100 days to spare from the 180 legally allowed. There is no denying that we have sufficient signatures to put our initiative in front of the Legislature for a prompt vote.

9. Our effort has been the most transparent and forthright petition drive in history. Our volunteers proudly collected signatures under banners that said “End Whitmer’s Endless Shutdown.” Any voter could read the entirety of our one-sentence proposal for themselves -- and understand every word of it. There should have been no misunderstanding about what our proposal was trying to accomplish.

8. Not included in our 539,384 signatures are the 1,210 signatures tainted by the unethical behavior of liberal California political operative Erik Tisinger. He has since left the state after working for the Fair & Equal petition drive. While no one has pointed to any actual violation of the law by any circulator trained by Tisinger, we segregated every petition circulated by anyone trained by Tisinger and excluded those from today’s petition submission. They are being provided to the Attorney General’s office to assist in their investigation of Tisinger’s alleged violations of Michigan law.

 7. The most obvious illegality was committed by Gretchen Hertz, who was captured on video forging her husband’s name and fake address on the petition. This petition has also been segregated from today’s submission and will be turned over to the Attorney General’s office. In case the Attorney General’s office has difficulty finding Hertz, we will point out that Hertz is an attorney, and a paid political operative for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s campaign. We will also be referring this open-and-shut case of forgery to the Bar Association for action.

6. Every paid circulator employed by Unlock Michigan, National Petition Management or any subcontractor was required to sign an agreement which, among other things, requires that circulators, “not make statements or present exhibits falsifying the contents or effects of the Legislative Amendment Petition,“ “not solicit or allow false or forged signatures,” “not return a Legislative Amendment Petition petition knowing it contains false names,” and “not sign a false Declaration of Circulator on the Legislative Amendment Petition.” We have gone above and beyond to require all circulators to behave appropriately and professionally at all times. If they failed to meet that standard, they should be held accountable.

5. Over 82,000 Michigan voters requested petitions and became active in our campaign. We started circulating petitions shortly after the July 4 holiday, and conducted our petition signing events under extremely unusual circumstances due to COVID. Other petition drives operating at the same time had notably less success, such as Fair & Equal.

4. Speaking of Fair & Equal, why is no one asking them about the services Erik Tisinger provided their campaign? How many signatures on their petitions were tainted by Tisinger’s activities? What illegal acts were committed? Dana Nessel, John Pirich, League of Women Voters, call your office!

3. Bureau of Elections Director Jonathan Brater stated in a sworn filing with the Federal Court that the certification process of an initiated law takes “approximately 60 days.” The Secretary of State’s office now quibbles with that and attempts to condition “60 days” on certain staffing levels, time frames and circumstances, but NONE of those caveats appear in his sworn statement. Sixty days is 60 days!

2. No part of Attorney General Nessel’s investigation has anything to do with our signature submission today. We excluded from our filing any petitions related to Tisinger, who richly deserves investigation. The people of Michigan reserved themselves the right to initiate legislation, and their petition should receive the immediate attention of the Bureau of Elections and the Board of State Canvassers, with the goal of submission to THIS Legislature THIS year. Any attempt to delay that timetable is a direct assault on the constitutional rights of citizens to initiate legislation and should not be tolerated.


1. No one has ever done it bigger or faster. The proponents of this initiative ​promptly did their job. Now we need the Bureau of Elections to ​promptly do its job, so that the Legislature can ​promptly do its job."

They could not have done any better in collecting the signatures and responding to the attacks by Whitmer, her sycophants (Including Attorney General Dana Nessel) and thugs.

Congrats to all of you American Patriots who founded Unlock Michigan, collected the signatures and signed the petition.

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