With Spring and the inevitable snowmelt (even though it's still a bit chilly out there) comes the unfortunate part of the Spring season: the unveiling of the trash that has been hidden by snow throughout winter.

Pretty much anywhere you go in SW Michigan right now, you might notice that there seems to be a lot of trash. On the streets, in your apartment complex, in the waters...it's a disheartening sight to be sure. But, locals are doing their best to clean it up.

Over the Earth Day weekend, several cleanups were organized across the West Michigan area:

Now, as part of a new initiative, the Van Buren Conservation District is issuing a challenge with the promise of a prize.

Posted just yesterday 5/1/22, the Van Buren Conservation District is hoping to step the cleanup game up a notch by turning conservation into a competition:

Dubbing it the May Mayhem Clean Up, they're asking those participating to essentially register by either commenting on their Facebook post, texting or emailing them with a name and a picture of the area that will be cleaned up.

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The winner will be the proud owner of a swag bag from the Van Buren Conservation District and the knowledge that you helped preserve a part of your community by picking up some trash! The contents of the swag bag have not been detailed just yet.

The Van Buren Conservation District is governed by a locally elected 5-member Board of Directors with a focus on preserving natural areas. You can find more information here


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