A Battle Creek Police officer was close to stopping a vehicle driving erratically early Sunday, but the high-speed chase ended in a tragic way. The result was the death of a 22-year-old woman, who has still not been identified by investigators. As a regulation, authorities will provide information to next of kin before releasing the victim's name.

The eventual crash occurred in Emmett Township, just two minutes after the stop almost occurred at the corner of Capital Avenue Southwest and Golden Avenue around 3:30am Sunday morning.

The Battle Creek Police released video Monday of the moments before the crash. An officer spotted the vehicle driving north on Capital Southwest, weaving over the center line.

The driver had stopped the vehicle on Capital near Golden before speeding off. The chase lasted from the corner of Capital and Golden and ended just before the curve onto Raymond Road.

Two flashing reds and a four-way stop were driven through. The officer on the chase estimated that the vehicle sped away at possibly 80 miles per hour, according to video audio (audio begins at 1:10).

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