It's Tiktok Tuesday!

Today, we are tip-toeing into FarmTok, a world with which I am very unfamiliar. Heck, I can barely keep succulents alive. But, I digress.

This is Marciaa or @marciac95_ on Tiktok. Marcia has over 12k followers, over 100k video likes, and focuses her content on what she does for a living. According to the below video, Marcia is an Ag (agriculture) Digital Marketing Creator, a businesswoman, a Master's Student, and an Agronomist. And, she absolutely seems to love what she does:

An Agronomist is defined as someone who is an expert in the science of soil management and crop production. It's what Marcia majored in and now, she uses Tiktok to share her knowledge with the rest of us. For example, here she is explaining the different parts of a cotton plant:

Or, why pH is so important in farming:

Or, where Hops come from:

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However, one of her most viewed videos, with nearly 266k views, is the story of how she came to be with her family:

Those pictures are precious!

Aside from farming content, Marcia also shares some very relatable videos about terrible career advice she's received, what it's like to be a woman in a male-dominated field, and finding the perfect dating profile pictures. Honestly, she nailed it:

Her career has taken her all over the country including California, Arizona, Alabama, Ohio (glad she escaped), Florida (glad she survived that state, too), Iowa, New Mexico, and back to Michigan where she grew up.

When you picture a farmer, the typical dude in boots and a plaid shirt may come to mind. But, women belong in the farming world, too. And, I'm grateful for people like Marcia for sharing their life experiences with the rest of us. Go give her Tiktok account some love! @marciac95_

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