Today, (Sunday, April 3) marks the 60th anniversary of the strongest tornado to ever touch down in West Michigan. Check out this footage of the aftermath that was restored by Peterson Design Studio.

On April 3rd, 1956, an F-5 tornado touched down in Hudsonville and Standale, causing widespread damage and killing at least 17 people. More than 300 people were injured.

The tornado originally touched down in Vriesland (an unincorporated community in Zeeland Township), and then made its way northeast through Hudsonville and Standale. The path of the tornado was 52 miles long, and it lasted for roughly an hour and a half.

Hudsonville was hit harder than other areas, with widespread damage including homes being ripped off of their foundations. Thirteen people from Hudsonville died that day.

No tornado in Michigan has been this strong since.

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