Whenever I run across on of these vintage images of things past in Kalamazoo, I think missed my calling and should've been a historian or an urban anthropologist. Here's a menu from a restaurant named The Barrels in downtown Kalamazoo.

The Barrels, Kalamazoo menu

The Barrels via Imgur.

This menu was posted on Reddit. The Barrels was at 513 East Michigan Avenue in downtown Kalamazoo. The address would be approximately where the parking lot is next to Old Dog Tavern. On the menu, Michigan Ave. is listed as US 12, which it was from 1926 to late 1950's.  The original US highways were the forerunners to the Interstate highway system. On another website, lovemenuart.com, they have art work of the building, which was a part of the White Fire Service Station, and it's quite ornate with flags and a castle like theme.

Some of the comments on Reddit call attention to the cottage cheese on the menu, though with the country in the depths of the Depression, that would explain it.

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