Polls opened at 7 this morning for in-person voting in the 2020 general election. The big focus of many this year is on absentee ballots. More than half the states voters have already finished their voting using that method. Polls officially close down at 8 pm. But people standing in line at that point are allowed to vote.

Click here to go to the official Calhoun County election results page.

Click here to go to the official State of Michigan election results page.

In Calhoun County, a huge list of contested partisan and non-partisan races involving a couple of hundred candidates along with some local issues face decisions. There’s a township Supervisor’s race involving a candidate currently facing criminal charges.  In Battle Creek, the new Mayor is being decided separately from City commission races.  At the county level, a husband and wife duo are in the running for separate offices.

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Statewide voting includes the race for the Presidency with Republican Donald Trump facing Democratic challenger Joe Biden. We have a US Senate race, a bunch of congressional races, and contests involving statehouse seats. Statewide and local judicial contests are also featured. And a trio of statewide ballot issues are also up for decisions today.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is displeased with the Michigan State Supreme Court. The court has not ruled on the state's appeal of a unanimous ruling from a State Court of Appeals panel of three judges which upheld a lower court ruling disallowing the state's administrative ban on open carry firearms at voting sites. Open carry is not allowed at all voting sites though and firearm owners are required to know the state laws governing where that can and cannot take place.

We’ll begin our coverage of local and statewide results for you shortly after the close of polls at 8 pm. Then regular election reports through the overnight along with coverage from FOX news.

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