I don't know how I missed this in the news. Especially, since it happened on my birthday, April 15th!

Regardless of my ignorance, a police chase did in fact happen on April 15th after the Michigan State Police Fugitive Task Force tried to arrest a shooting suspect in Kalamazoo.

Reported by Wood TV News Channel 8, Jeremy Thrasher, the Portage man suspected of committing a shooting, led the police on a 10 minute chase. If it wasn't such a dangerous situation, it would actually be a nice little tour of the Kalamazoo area. Police sped down Sprinkle Road, through the downtown area, through nearby neighborhoods and even followed the suspect as he fled the wrong way down Michigan Avenue. Wood TV was able to obtain the dashcam footage from the chase and it is action packed from the first moment. Take a look:

Thrasher ended up ditching the car and fleeing on foot. He was captured in a nearby parking lot.

A few cop cars suffered minor damage. Surprisingly and thankfully, there were no injuries reported.

Thrasher, 22, now faces an abundance of charges including:

  • fleeing and eluding
  • resisting and obstructing police and assault
  • assault with intent to commit murder for the April 13 shooting

Thrasher is expected to be in court next week.

There seem to be a number of police chases happening lately. And some of them are...odd. Like this man who led Indiana police on a chase while dressed as Batman:

You just can't make this stuff up.

Since the Kalamazoo police chase happened to occur on my birthday I thought you'd like to see the major newspaper headlines from the year you were born. Check it out!

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