Warm weather means more road construction so be on the look out for crews!

The Michigan Department of Transportation is warning drivers to take it easy in construction zones and be on alert for workers.

MDOT wants to protect road crews but they need your help in paying more attention while cruising through work zones.

A stat you never want to be proud of is the one where the United States Department of Transportation say Michigan is number seven on the list of states highest in work zone crashes that are fatal.

MDOT is asking that you stay focused behind the wheel at all times, follow the rules and regulations, pay attention to signs, do not tailgate, speed and do not get road rage.

If you are driving in a work zone where there are now workers the speed limit is 60mph but when there are workers present the speed limit is 45. If its packed on the road you are traveling then go even slower to play it safe.

There are a pile of work zones to look out for in west Michigan and you can click right here to run down the list.

So be safe out there, not just for you but for the workers fixing those roads!

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