19 websites claiming to be based in Michigan are allegedly scamming many people.

The Better Business Bureau had this to say in a press release Friday,

The Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan is receiving a growing number of complaints regarding websites that claim to be based out of an address on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay. However, the owner of the home tells BBB he has nothing to do with these websites, and has no idea who is behind them. BBB began receiving complaints regarding these websites in November 2019. Many of the websites sell t-shirts, shoes or other clothing items. Some customers say they came across the website on social media. To date, BBB has been able to identify 19 different websites claiming to be located at the Traverse City address.

Customers have complained about ordering products and never receiving their products.  They are however being charged.  Some of them are being charged an "international transaction" fee.  If you're based in Michigan why are you charging an international transaction fee within the U.S.?

Here's a list of websites you should steer clear of according to the BBB:

HappyStoreZ.com, bibohut.com, KovisDeals.com, sharkstorez.com, trending.net, binbinstore.com, chummytees.net, hotteesco.net, clotheszip.com, amelstore.com, Binpeek.com, Sewwhatfun.net, Kaeraz.net, Birbber.net, trendgarb.com, happysmallpet.com, hinesmin.com, forestclothing.net and mychristmas.shop.

Click here to get some handy "smart shopping online" tips from the BBB.

Happy shopping and be careful out there.

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