Drones are everywhere now and why should Michigan be any different. Here are our 5 best videos from around the Kalamazoo area during 2016. 

These videos were filmed right here in Kalamazoo and are ranked based on YouTube views.

Number 5, Parchment Paper 1,169 views

The Parchment Paper Company has been closed for a log time, parts of the building have burned and are crumbling. Read the full story here.

Number 4, Sports Forum 1,222 views

The fire broke out in the early morning of May 19th and the building was a total loss. Let’s take another look through the lens of a drone. Read the full story here.

Number 3, Formula K 1,327 views

Formula K was a go-to destination for all things fun in Van Buren County. The park closed 2 years ago, disappointing a lot of people. Check out what it looks like now. Read the full story here.

Number 2, The Drake House 3,222 views

The Drake house was built in 1852 and is all that remains of a 500 acre farm. Check out an birds-eye view of this hidden piece of history. Read the full story here.

Number 1, Slide Away 3,342 views

The old Slide-Away on D Ave located just north of Kalamazoo closed years ago and shortly after the slides were removed. Read the full story here.

BONUS VIDEO, Creepy Clowns Picknicking 5,976 views

I made this video as a joke and never wrote a story for it but the number of views says it all.

What was your favorite?

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