We enjoy long days here in Michigan in the summertime, with daylight still present on many days almost until 10 pm. Growing up in the south I never experienced such long days, and I certainly do like it. And when our days come to an end, we are treated to a truly awe-inspiring sunset on many occasions.

I see posts on Facebook almost weekly of people sharing their view of mind-blowing sunsets. Florida has nothing on Michigan when it comes to sunsets, except maybe palm trees for a tropical feel.

Over the past few days, our sunsets have become a beautiful glowing pink. Why the difference? Smoke from the wildfires in Oregon, Washington, and Western Canada are creating a lot of smoke, and our upper airflow brings that smoke into the skies over our Great Lakes states.

The result is even more brilliant and colorful sunsets in Michigan. This time of year, many Michiganders spend their weekends at a cottage or campground up north, and in many cases right on a lake, which is a perfect setting for a once-in-a-lifetime sunset.

By Wednesday, the model is indicating a new type of air with much less smoke. Wednesday might be a day without the stellar sunrises and sunsets. But you’ll also notice a continuous ribbon of smoke going all the way back to the Pacific Northwest. You can imagine another round of smoke over our skies by Thursday and Friday.

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How long will it last? Forecasters say the upper airflow for the next couple of weeks will be in a northwest flow over our Great Lakes. That means the smoke from those western fires will continue to flow in our direction. So look for some stunning sunrises and sunsets for that period of time.

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