Although the outdoor signage has been up since last winter, the newest player on Kalamazoo's beer scene, Wax Wings Brewing, opens its door on Friday.With temperatures nearing triple digits, it just might be the perfect day to start pouring their take on craft beer.

The Brewery/Pub on Gull Road, just west of Nazareth opens for business on Friday., according to a story on MLive.

The brewery will be run by two childhood friends, Rob Hopkins and Jordan Fletcher. Hopkins spent time in Boston and really liked the beer scene there. After moving back to Kalamazoo, like many beginners, he started experimenting, brewing beer at home.The passion grew and the dream has become reality.

While some say the Kalamazoo craft beer scene may be saturated, Hopkins disagrees,

"We want to be the community place for Comstock, the east side of Kalamazoo," Hopkins said. "It was a very deliberate choice where we put the brewery." - MLive

The small business climate along Gull Road can be up and down volatile. It'll be interesting to see how Wax Wings fits into that.


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