It's not often you come across a home-sized Jurassic Park. Leave it to Cleveland, Ohio to have one.

Recently listed on Zillow for $162,000, this Ohio home is sure to be either loved or completely hated by its neighbors. With actual dinosaur sculptures proudly placed on the front lawn, regardless of whether it's loved or hated, it'll definitely get your attention.

The home, at 3553 Bosworth Rd., includes:

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • ADA Access ramp
  • The most unique front/back yard in the entire city of Cleveland

The listing agent is Nicholas Reyes at BHHS Stouffer Realty, Inc. who can be reached at 440-755-9021.

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Ready for the tour? Cue John Hammond saying, " Jurassic Park."

Welcome to Ohio's Jurassic Park. Now Selling for $162,000

Located in Cleveland, this home is bound to be the most unique on the block. Maybe even the entire city.

I have no doubt that, should anyone come to visit, this will be their general expressions:

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