So often we hear of the dangerous and sad events our first reponders are involved in. Though responding to criminal activity, dangerous drivers and fires remain a top priority. There are so many ways they help and enrich our community.

Recently one Portage's public safety officers stopped to make a welfare check for a woman sitting in a wheelchair on a sidewalk. Officer Burleson learned she suffered from a medical condition and was stopping to rest before trying to get back to her residence. Instead of walking away, Officer Burleson offered to push her home and the woman in question gladly accepted the offer.

This is not an isolated incident. In the beginning of may Portage's firefighters made two adorable rescues. The first was for two ducklings that had become trapped in a storm drain located on Mallard Circle. The second was for the removal of twelve ducklings out of a storm drain on Currier Drive in Portage.

To all the first responders in our community, thank you. We appreciate all you do to make our community a great place to live.

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