The sign is ominous looking, especially after a February snowfall. So many memories tied into this location. What does the future hold for a Portage landmark, the West Lake Drive-In?

A sign attached to the restaurant says "For Sale. 450K obo 5014954 Not Opening".

Kim Neeb he's not opening up this year. He saved it in 2013, but last year was it for him.

You notice the sign is homemade, not some fancy real estate agency. Neeb says he'd like the property along Portage Road to stay a restaurant. The West Lake is three lots, and to keep it a restaurant, you need the three lots; thirteen stalls for parking, one maybe for a ragtop stopping for a burger and cold pop on beautiful late Spring day.

Neeb says he had a call from an interested party just last night.

A call is one thing, a signed contract is another. Talking to Neeb, it sounds like he understands how much is riding on this.

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