It was not yet nicknamed "Mall City" (the downtown innovation was not created until the end of the decade) but, depending on your perspective, Kalamazoo was either "fat city" or "squaresville." Cruise the streets of Westnedge Hill in this 1952 home video footage uploaded to YouTube.

You'll notice the gigantic size of the sedans right away, but also note the skinny trunks of the trees that now provide stately shade for the front rooms of the houses along the 2500 block of University Ave. near Crane Park. The average home price was $7,700 in 1952 while the Lassies were playing baseball and they were making Checker cabs at the plant.

Enjoy this quick 2-minute trip back in time which includes a view of the skyline of Kalamazoo- already impressive during the Eisenhower era.

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