Look, there's two reasons to write this. First of all, a year ago the St. Louis Blues were in last place and somebody played "Gloria", and you probably know the rest of the story. The other reason is, the mind set of the Detroit sports fan is to wallow in the agony of what pretty much all the major teams are going through.

Well, the update odds for the Red Wings hoisting Lord Stanley's chalice are....now up to four digits. According to betonline.ag, today it's 1000 to 1. (Yes, those are the worst in the NHL, and yes, these numbers are for entertainment purposes only, wink-wink) In other words, if you plunked down a dollar and a miracle occurred, you'd get back a grand.

But since legalized sports gambling is pretty much inevitable in Michigan, think of this as "spring training" or "warming up in the bullpen" for throwing your money away, when it does become legal.

By the way, the Washington Capitals are 6 to 1 odds on favorites. Last year's worst to first team, the St. Louis Blues are second, along with Boston, at 9 to 1. A lot can change in 12 months.



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