So I saw a tweet about Pierce Brosnan pulling his $100,000,000 Malibu home off the market because it hadn't gotten an offer in a year. Now the asking price on the house is steep, but it is prime oceanfront property in Malibu, California.

Here's the house at night.

This is a house in Malibu, California that actor Pierce Brosnan took off the market after failing to get a decent offer on his asking price of $100,000,000. (Multiple listings via

But what if you had $100,000,000 and went shopping in, say, Kalamazoo, or in Michigan, up North? A quick search on shows the most expensive house listed goes for just over $3,250,000. The house is over on H Ave.

Here is a home on H Ave that is the most expensive listing on (JoAnne Potts at Chuck Jaqua Realtor, Inc. via

Doing some quick math shows you could buy 30 of this house for the same amount as Pierce Brosnan's house. But to be fair, there are no oceans in Comstock Township.

But if that's a deal breaker, then maybe something around Lake Michigan might be more appealing.

Here's a place in Manistee, with a nice view. The asking price is $779,000. That works out to, well, you could buy 128 comparable places along Lake Michigan.

This is a lakefront property in Manistee, Michigan. The asking price is $779,000. (Listed by Kerri Mackey, Lighthouse Realty, Manistee via Zillow)

Of course, the key to all this is it would help if you could star in a TV series for a few years, and then get to play James Bond for four movies. Yes, there's always a catch to this.

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