A lot of words have been used to describe phase one of President Trump’s, as many say, the historic China trade deal.

Most if not all of the business owners, CEO’s, business show hosts and anyone who is not bringing politics into their assessment say the China trade deal will go down in history as a breakthrough deal.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said the following about the trade deal:

I keep wondering when people are going to recognize that it is historic that tariffs did succeed...Tariffs were not supposed to work," he explained. "The Chinese were supposed to be able to get around them. It didn’t happen... The Chinese were kind of accepting that they had to get something in order to keep the American market.

You decide if this China trade deal is very good for the United States and possibly historic.  Forget about all the words people say about the deal it simply comes down to the Chinese government agreeing to: 

  • Buy $200 billion in U.S. goods over 2 years
  • Buy $32 Billion in U.S. Agricultural goods
  • Protections of U.S. Intellectual property 
  • Address forced Technology Transfer
  • Ends Currency Manipulation 
  • A robust enforcement mechanism with consequences

End of story!

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