Whenever an individual or company donates a lot of money to a politician or political party, I can guarantee you with 100% accuracy that they want something from that politician or political party.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential new site is informing us that according to recent filings with state energy regulators DTE, Michigan's largest electricity and gas utility company has given the Governor and the Democratic Party of Michigan approximately $840,000.

According to the article:

Michigan’s largest electricity and gas utility gave $400,185 to groups that either directly or indirectly spent money on behalf of Gretchen Whitmer before and after her gubernatorial election victory in November 2018...The utility also gave $440,204 to state Democrats and $120,056 to state and national Republicans in 2018

You have to ask yourself, what does this Michigan utility company want from this Democratic Governor and her Party?

We will see.



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