Recently, I learned about a local organization called Can-Do Kalamazoo.

Since nothing in the name really gave away what they represented or what they did, a deep dive was required. As it turns out, this organization has one goal: to help local businesses succeed.

What is Can-Do Kalamazoo?

You might know Can-Do Kalamazoo as Can-Do Kitchen, a business that began in 2008 as a shared, commercial kitchen space created as a response to a demand for locally made products. It was used by locals with food-related businesses and more.

Now, as of 2022, they've expanded to act as a "hub and incubator" for all types of businesses, not just those in the food service industry. Read more on their website.

What Does Can-Do Kalamazoo Do?

In an effort to support local entrepreneurs, Can-Do Kalamazoo offers a few different services:

  1. Can-Do Camp:  the Can-Do Camp is a 16-week group start-up process teaching the necessary practices and requirements for starting a new business or expanding your smaller business to a larger, commercial business. The cost is about $400 per business. However, a limited number of scholarships are available.
  2. Can-Do Funding: through Microloans, Can-Do Funding provides the startup capital needed to start a successful business. Again, they seem to focus on food businesses but, I don't think it's limited to just food-related businesses. Qualifications and terms apply. See more here.
  3. Can-Do Roadmap: the Can-Do Roadmap is basically a plan customized to your business to, hopefully, lead you to success. They'll work with you to establish clear goals and provide expert advice at every step.
  4. Can-Do Kitchen: this is where Can-Do Kalamazoo opens its kitchen space to either brand new food-industry businesses, those with existing businesses, or chefs that need access to a kitchen. There is a rental fee and a few restrictions on what can be created in their kitchen. See more here.

Here's a quick testimonial from the owner of Huey D's Goodies, a local business specializing in creating gourmet cheesecakes and cupcakes (yum!):

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Where is Can-Do Kalamazoo?

Coincidentally, Can-Do Kalamazoo just reached a fundraising goal last week aimed at helping them move into a larger facility:

Currently, as I type this, they're located at 3501 Lake Street. But, their new location will be located at 519 S Park Street. Since their fundraising goal was just met last week, an official opening date has yet to be announced.

You can stay up to date on the new opening by following them on Facebook. Or, see everything Can-Do Kalamazoo has to offer for small businesses by visiting their website.

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