The web site Insider offers a glimpse into the worst tourist trap in every state in the union.

Here in Michigan we certainly have our share of bad tourist traps (I'm looking at you, Sea Shell City), but there's a clear winner and if you've ever been up north, you're reminded of it constantly.

According to Insider's list of tourist traps in every state, the biggest tourist trap in Michigan is Mystery Spot. Yup, the mysterious place where phenomenal "happenings" have baffled "experts" for years just west of St. Ignace on US-2.

I can remember trying to get my dad to take us there every time we went up north and saw the signs. But my dad, who was notoriously spendthrift (we called him "cheap") refused to take us. Why? "Because it's not worth it" was his reply.

"What!?! How could balls rolling up hill not be worth it?" I would argue to no avail. Finally, when I was in college and had my own money, I FINALLY paid my own way into the Mystery Spot.

So? Was it worth it?

I won't judge, but I never paid to take my kids there years later. Not at seven bucks a head.

But, hey, if it's raining, and your cabin is cold and there's nothing to do, why not?

To their credit Mystery Spot now offers an assortment of fare in addition to the Spot like Zip Lines, Mini-Golf and a Maze, which are all standard fare in a tourist town, but the spot itself?

...their main attraction is several crooked shacks built into hillsides that trick kids into thinking everything is gravity defying. It's a cheap roadside tourist trap with gaudy billboards along the highway to prove it.

Well, that's a bit of a low blow. Well constructed optical illusions can be fun. Just check out this video.

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