After a very long and unjust prison sentence.  Mr. Thompson is finally free.  So, what's next?

Michael Thompson was serving the 25th year of a maximum 60 year prison sentence for selling pot in Michigan.  That is the longest sentence for such a crime in Michigan history.  To add insult to injury, Michael tested positive for Covid-19 while in prison last August.  Governor Whitmer finally granted 69-year-old Michael Thompson and three other non-violent criminal clemency in December.  His earliest release would have been 2038.  Thompson's attorney spoke to CNN about the injustice,

In 25 years, the criminal justice system has not offered a way to correct itself.  It's not just an injustice that it happened, it's an injustice every day that our system allowed it to go on in a case that's so obviously unfairly sentenced.

Thompson now wants to be a voice for people incarcerated in Michigan and fight for prison reform.  Check out his recent interview with Fox 17 below.

Thompson's "home" has been prison since 1994.  He was set free on January 28th, 2021.  Deedee Kirkwood decided to help Michael Thompson get his dream home by launching a gofundme.  As of Feburary 4th, 2021 this gofundme has raised nearly $268,000 of it's $300,000 goal.  If you're interested in donating you can click here.

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