The first requirement of being a leader in any capacity is that you watch over the people in your care. That’s what families need from their fathers and or mothers, and what voters demand from their elected officials.

As we, unfortunately, can see most uninformed people will put up with almost anything from politicians on their team if you do that.

But if you do not protect them or even worse than that, if you act like there is no problem or you refuse to protect them then you have lost your right to lead, or at least you should lose that right.

President Trump has said if a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of its residents, then he will have to solve their problem.

We are witnessing almost daily in Democrat-controlled cities and states when the mobs came, those leaders abandoned their citizens.  Time after time these Democrat Mayors and Governor’s refused to stand up and save their cities and states. In most cases, they are not only cowering from their responsibility but they have openly sided with the destroyers.  Of course, these cowards are denying this and attempting to shift blame to President Trump for what is happening in their cities and states.  Their cowardness and lack of any leadership are on full display for those who are watching and reading the news stations and papers who chose to report what is happening on the streets of these American cities and states.

This is how cities, states, and nations eventually collapse. When no one in authority is keeping order and many encouraging or enabling violence with their inaction.  This inaction is forcing us, American citizens, to defend ourselves. Those in Democrat lead cities like Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and St. Louis to name a few have no choice. Who is going to defend them, the police are told by their Democrat leaders to stand down and not engage and in some cases to actually retreat and abandon their posts like in Seattle and St. Louis.

I sit and watch what is happening in these cities and I cannot believe this is happening in America.  I become concerned for the people who live in these Democrat-controlled cities and states and then I become angry and wonder what action I can take to stop this.

I cannot believe that these Democrat mayors and governors have allowed the worst people in our society to take control of their streets. These people who are tearing down our society did absolutely nothing to build this society.

Let me give you some examples as reported by Fox News:

In Rochester, New York, a group of eight men smashed the windows of a jewelry store. A couple who lived above the shop emerged to confront them. Both of them were viciously beaten, with a ladder and a two-by-four.

In Dallas, Texas, a man armed with what appeared to be a sword did his best to defend a business from looters. The mob bashed him in the head with a rock and a skateboard.

In San Jose, California, rioters with crowbars stormed the highway and attacked vehicles, trying to pull drivers from their cars.

In Birmingham, Alabama, a local reporter called Stephen Quinn was beaten and then robbed on live television as he tried to cover the looting.

In Portland, Oregon, a man was beaten, apparently for daring to carry an American flag. He never released the flag.

In Buckhead, an upscale part of Atlanta, rioters stole a Tesla from a dealership and drove it though an indoor mall. In Portland, mobs looted Louis Vuitton, Apple and Chase bank, among many others. They often set fires as they left.

In Chicago, protestors fought systemic racism by running through a Nike store stealing shoes.

In these cities, it has come down to the people having to protect themselves, and their families. Interesting the ideology, party, and people who want to take your guns away are the first to run tail and hide and order the police to not protect you.  Wake up America and smell the tyranny!

This encouraging or enabling aggression, violence, rioting, and looting has gotten out of control and it will only continue to grow unless someone does something about it.  In steps President Trump to stand up for America and security and what does he get?  A letter from these same cowards condemning his decision to deploy federal forces in Portland, to protect federal buildings.  A letter characterizing his response as an 'abuse of power' for political purposes.  The same people who are abusing their power for political purposes blame President Trump, it is called transference.

These mayors and governors call these riots and looting peaceful 1st Amendment protests like these people know the first thing about the U.S. Constitution.

How is the destruction of public property, businesses, and the attack on police as well as innocent people peaceful?  It is almost like they live in a different world in their minds because they obviously do not live in reality.

Can anyone tell us exactly what the demands of these violent protestors, looters, and rioters are? What are they actually asking for? What if these cities and states elected politicians were to give them exactly what they want, what would that be? No one knows the answer because there is none.  The violence, looting, and rioting would still go on unless brave people do something about it.

Someone must take control of these streets and cities and if the Democrat elected officials refuse to do so the federal government must come in and take control where legally possible.   But we can’t allow ourselves to become like the animals they are. We are Americans and in the face of such aggression and violence, we must resolve this issue honorably.

We are the ones who believe this country has a future, a future we must secure for our children to live and thrive here as we have.  We will not allow these people to pit us against each other because of color, sex, race, political views you name it.  We must still love each other regardless of our differences, we must be able to discuss our problems and at the end of the day be able to walk away peacefully and agree to disagree.


Because we are human beings and that is the only path forward.

Wake up America and see and smell what tyranny looks like and let us bond together to stop it in its tracks.  Once that is done we can go back to debating our political differences like decent and honorable human beings.

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