Kalamazoo loves urban barbecue! Kelvin & Co has two successful restaurants and is hinting at a third eatery- where should they build it?

On March 31, 2017 Kelvin & Co opened in downtown Kalamazoo. The flavors were such a big hit, they opened a second restaurant in the Summer 2018 on West Main. A recent Facebook post hints at a third- where would you like to see the next Kelvin & Co?

Kalamazoo bbq fans were quick to answer with many suggesting Portage. Others begged for continuing the trend of interesting restaurants opening in Battle Creek. One fan said, "Lansing, I moved." Paw Paw and Mattawan also got a few mentions and others suggested Gull Road.

Kelvin & Co offers a fresh and unique dining experience. There is no freezer and no microwave on the premises, and what you would think is a meat-lovers paradise has vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. Take a look at Brandon James' 'Food Trippin in the Mitten' visit the the West Main store in the video below.

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