Interesting that Governor Whitmer complained when the extra unemployment benefit of $600 a week from the Trump Administration expired.  She told us she was very concerned for the citizens of Michigan who she put out of work when she closed most of our economy down.

The Detroit News is reporting that now when given the opportunity to help the unemployed people of Michigan with an extra $100 a week she refused to do so.  She will take the Trump Administrations $300 a week extra unemployment compensation but will not chip in an extra $100 a week from the state.

What is most interesting is the fact that she just agreed to give teachers of Michigan an extra $53 million ($500 a teacher) in hazard pay for working at home but refuses to give unemployed workers in Michigan an extra $100 a week.

What does that tell you about where her priorities and empathy lie?

Tiffany Brown, Whitmer spokeswoman said:

"The 'cost sharing' option provided by the White House has a cost to Michigan of $90-100 million per week…The president’s order forbids states from using the UI Trust Fund to pay these benefits, which means that the state would have to find hundreds of millions of dollars and exacerbate a large budget shortfall."

Well Tiffany, Whitmer just gave an extra $53 million to employed teachers.  Where is that money coming from and why couldn’t Whitmer use those funds for the unemployed instead of the employed?

In a statement yesterday Whitmer said:

"This program will provide some much needed support for families that are struggling to put food on the table or pay their bills, but it’s a short term band aid that falls short of what’s needed”

Apparently Whitmer is not too worried about providing “much needed support for families that are struggling to put food on the table or pay their bills” enough to even cough up an extra $100 a week for those struggling Michigan families.

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